Milady writes her first letter

Lady Sweet Pea would like to welcome her friends to her latest daytime occupation, her latest pastime – creating a friendly community-within-a-community of chaps and chappettes, by which her friends and others can share hand-written letters. Returning to a time when communication took its own sweet time. As long as it takes to write a letter, in fact.

So if interested do join Lady Pea’s dear little Service, which costs nothing other than the time it takes to write a new friend a note by hand, seal it in an envelope and pop it in the post with a current postage stamp. One is welcome to make a request for either UK-based or International correspondence. Her Ladyship will be too occupied with her new endeavour as well as her Cordon Bleu course to be able to accommodate any more detailed requests, unfortunately, so one must trust in her excellent judgement and pairing abilities.

If interested in joining Milady Pea’s Postal Service, please revert to modernity (hopefully only temporarily) by writing to with one’s name and postal address. And save one’s Penny Blacks for secure stamp collections – current postage rates only, please.


 Milady reads a letter from her first member.
Milady reads a letter from her first member.